How I stopped smoking

  • How Snus Changed My Life
  • Smoking Cigarettes Dictated My Life 
  • Avoiding certain situations, avoiding long distance flights, only sitting outside regardless of what temperatures and being dissatisfied when I couldnt and many more
  • How I stopped smoking and how you can too!

Just a few months ago, the thought of quitting cigarettes seemed impossible. Thinking about not having my daily kicks of nicotine didn't thrill me at all. 

After 8 years of smoking, I couldn't even imagine not having cigarettes as a part of my day to day life, it has become a part of my identity in a sense. Sitting at a bar with some friends and always having a cigarette. Always asking for outside seating just so I can continue smoking cigarettes. Avoiding certain situations knowing I wont be able to smoke. The list is endless on how smoking has impacted my day to day life decisions, in the worst possible way. It came to the point that I avoided long distance destinations knowing that I wouldn't be able to smoke. Thinking back on this, it's scary on how controlled I was by a simple thing as a cigarette. 

The thought of stopping didn't really cross my mind until the day it actually happened, it was more of a subconscious decision that I haven't paid attention to. I guess you could say the timing wasn't ideal of this change in lifestyle. An unstable life situation, relocation of my life to a different country, starting a new job and more. All my friends told me I couldn't have chosen a worse time to try and quit but after the 2nd day of not smoking, I decided I'm going to pull through.  

Along the way I discovered something I've only heard about through my scandinavian colleagues; Snus. It was an unusual concept to me seeing I've never actually tried this new form of nicotine. After I was offered to try Empire of Snus, I was intrigued and just had to give it a try. Imagining a way to continue getting my nicotine fix without having to adapt my way of life is a massive turning point for me. 

After trying the first orange flavored pouch, I was hooked. The fresh flavor along with receiving the nicotine kick for even longer than I used to with cigarettes was a game changer. Right away I decided to buy myself a pack in every flavor in order to really get to know my new obsession. Whilst waiting for my order, I've done my research to check on the actual consequences of it, as I really haven't heard anything else other than what ive tried myself.

To say I was positively surprised is an understatement. I have seen multiple studies (an example shown on the right) that show the risks of Snus are so minimal that it basically makes no difference whether I snus or stopped my nicotine intake at all. Of course, moving on with major relief, I carelessly received my package and started snusing. 

After receiving my Snus Package from EOS, I have decided to try and keep my snusing to a minimum in order to reduce my nicotine intake, which was a lot easier than I thought.
With the products I have ordered, one pouch lasted me for nearly 2 hours. Prior to Snusing EOS, I have heard of snus only lasting up to 1 hour. Of course this made it easier for me to snus less, win/win!

In order to stay off of cigarettes, I definitely believe the snusing has made this possible for me. Apart from the fact that I don't smoke cigarettes anymore, I have also seen so many other positive changes that I never previously thought about. 

For example, I can hug my nephew without having to worry if my clothes smell like smoke, my hands dont smell anymore and of course the fact that I don't need to go outside when its freezing cold is only the tip of the iceberg. I am so happy that I have managed to make this switch.

If you are a smoker and are trying to quit for whatever reason, I can only recommend trying Snus to get off of cigarettes. If you're a newcomer like me as well, try EOS. The flavors are so tasty and the nicotine is the perfect strength if you come from cigarettes, not too harsh but also not too weak that makes you want to go back to smoking.

I am proud to say I have now been  a non-smoker for 1 month, 23 days and 13 hours, while simultaneously being a snuser for approximately the same amount of time. Seeing my progress is the greatest satisfaction and push all at once

Let me know if you're making the same transition that I have. I would love to hear your thoughts.

 If I can do it, you can too!